Kafé Finnskog

Food and Drink

Café Finnskog by Vermundsjøen in Åsnes Finnskog is widely known for its traditional food, some from old Finnskogen recipes. In recent years the café is also offering meat from boar, deer, and the German cook Werner Stiefel has brought with him schnitzels, which has become very popular. Everything cooked from scratch in the café. It was a few years ago named the best place to eat along the road.
The cafe has been operating since 1992 in an almost 200 year old building, and that creates a special atmosphere. The café is open every day during the summer months, and from Thursday to Sunday out of season.

Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr

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Sykling på Finnskogen

1.5 - 2.5 h

35.8 km

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