Kongevegen til fots Vang - Lærdal

Hiking 96 - 120 h 106.2 km

The historic, 100-kilometer long walking trail Kongevegen over Filefjell takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery in Norway. The route goes from the inland districts of Valdres, through the mountains at Filefjell and down to the narrow and dramatic fjord landscapes at the head of the Sognefjord. This is a memorable journey as the historical King’s Road connects multiple regions with one continuous trail. Happy hiking!

Since the beginning of prehistoric times, people have been travelling over Filefjell. In the Middle Ages it was considered the most used mountain pass between eastern and western Norway. Several Norwegian kings and Vikings travelled across the Norwegian mountains on the same trail that is hiked today.

Up until the 1790s, Kongevegen over Filefjell was a much smaller path of stone and dirt but was later replaced by a four-meter wide road fit for riding horses and carriages. The new high alpine road between Vang and Laerdal was known to be the most spectacular part of the Bergen region. Today the road is one of the best cultural monuments in the country.

Kongevegen is also is part of the Danish-Norwegian heritage. It determined where the main transportation routes would be built in the 16- and 1700s and in 1824 the Public Roads Act classified these routes as main connectors, which later became part of the inter-European system used today.

Since the Middle Ages the route over Filefjell had the reputation for being among the hardest and most dangerous in the country. There was constant demand for improvements, so that conditions for the transport of people and goods became easier, especially for the many public servants who were on official duties.

Kongevegen over Filefjell was a large-scale transport channel in its time. The road was built following "the French principle" for road construction; straightest alignment possible, good drainage and well-constructed roads. The way it was engineered transformed how roads were constructed and set the standard for the modern road construction today.

Sverre Hjørnevik
Sverre Hjørnevik
Sverre Hjørnevik
Sverre Hjørnevik

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