Fishing at Vikerbogen Fishing

  • Photo: Rolf Sørensen

  • Photo: Ole Håkon Heier

  • Photo: Ole Håkon Heier

Essential Info

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About Fishing at Vikerbogen

At the tip of the pier in Viker harbor you get both breathtaking views and plenty of fish to catch. With shrimp or mackerel as bait you can get a lot of fish.

Getting There

Trail Description

Outermost at the pier of Vikerhavna you can enjoy both stunning views and varied fishing. Here the Norwegian Hunters and Fisheries Association tells about the catch of mountain rocks, mountain foxes, whalefish, whiting, mumps, mackerel, sandpiper, seaweed, scrub, blackcurrant, plaice, sculpin and cod. With shrimp or mackerel as bait you can catch many fish here.


  • Lovely place
  • Varied fishing
  • Old fishing port

Fishing at Vikerbogen Map