Bygdøy Hiking

Explore Bygdøy's Oceanfront

  • Photo: Mari Mathews

  • Photo: Mari Mathews

  • Photo: Mari Mathews

Essential Info

  • Destination Oslo
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 6.5 kilometers
  • Elevation 130 meters
  • Duration 0.5–1.5 hours

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About Bygdøy

Bygdøy, the small peninsula just west of downtown Oslo, is one of the best places get out and enjoy the nature so close to the city. The well-marked and maintained trails, which take you along the western waterfront and down to the southern tip, are popular for locals and tourists alike. 

Getting There

  • Take bus 30 (Bygdøy) from Oslo central station. You can take the bus to the Karenslyst allé stop, cross over the highway to enter Bydgøy on foot and find the trail on the west side of Dronning Blancas Vei. Or you can take the bus all the way to the final stop at Huk and enter the forest from there. 
  • If you drive, there are plenty of parking lots scattered around the peninsula. Be sure to bring to a credit card, as most of the parking lots do not take coins.

Trail Description

There are many trails that weave in and out of the forest, through the neighborhoods, and down to the beaches, so the tracked trail found on Outtt's website and app is just one of many possibilities. Make sure to stop by the southernmost beach, Huk, on a sunny day. It is the best place to soak in the sun along the Oslo fjord and watch the ships come and go.



  • There are cafes and grocery stores located around the peninsula.
  • Public bathrooms are located at Huk, the southernmost beach, near the stop for the 30 bus. 
  • Public parking is available, many times with payment. 

Bygdøy Map