Torsby Finnskogcentrum Cultural Heritage

  • Photo: Asbjørn Langmyr

  • Photo: Lars Sjöqvist VM

  • Photo: Lars Sjöqvist VM

  • Photo: Lars Sjöqvist VM

Essential info

  • January – December

About Torsby Finnskogcentrum

A new museum, open since 2014, is Torsby Finnskogcentrum in Lekvattnet. The museum in the old school building has been given a distinctive facade of logs. It is a part of Värmland Museum.

The exhibitions in the center are presented with modern information technology.
The museum presents different aspects of the forest finn culture. The museum collaborates with the North Värmland Genealogical Society, and for those interested in genealogy, is this a great opportunity to trace their origin.

In the center there is also a library and a cafeteria.