Storhaugen i Dindalen, Oppdal

Hiking 2 - 3 h 1.9 km

Storhaugen is a fun hike to a mountaintop that will set your pulse to the test. At the same time, we guarantee that you will be speechless from the breath-taking views at the top. The first part goes up through the birch woods. The trail is marked all the way until the top. After you've passed the treeline you've reached halfway. The terrain is steep, but it is easy to handle. You can extend the hike by going southwest to Gråhø.

Getting there:
Drive Riksvei 70 from Oppdal centre. After about 15 km exit the road and follow the signs toward Dindalshytta. When you arrive at Blokhus continue up toward Dindalsvegen (toll road). You can park on the gravel right after the cattle grid, and you'll find the trail 10 metres below the gravel parking spot.

Oddveig Torve
Oddveig Torve

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