Falang bru


Cultural Heritage

For hundreds of years this has been a place to cross the river. In the fall of 1827 a new bridge crossing the river Fallang was required. Roadinspektor Buchholz was send to the region to begin the first drawings for the construction of a stone bridge. In November 1828 the new bridge was built. The budget had been quite high, but in the end only a third of 197 Spesiedaler was spent. The following calculations showed that the bridge was measured wrong, and due to bad quality the bridge needed to be rebuilt. Only 1833 the local police officer gave notice that the damages at the bridge no longer allowed safe passing. The immense damages made it impossible to repair the bridge. Therefore a new one was built. Because of some damages in the stonework, this bridge was rebuilt in 2010.

Kari Møyner
Kari Møyner
Kari Møyner

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