Olestølen Mountain Farm

  • Budeia med gjester rører i brunostkjelen

    Budeia med gjester rører i brunostkjelen Photo: Alexandra Meyer

  • Hester på fjellbeite på Olestølen

    Hester på fjellbeite på Olestølen Photo: Kathrin Aslaksby

  • Idunn og geitene på Olestølen

    Idunn og geitene på Olestølen Photo: Morten Jørgensen

  • Olestølen med Mugnetind i bakgrunnen

    Olestølen med Mugnetind i bakgrunnen Photo: Morten Jørgensen

  • Kvit Ole - lagra økologisk geitost

    Kvit Ole - lagra økologisk geitost Photo: Kathrin H. Aslaksby

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: June-September

About Olestølen

Open summerfarm - Join us at Olestølen in making our famous brown cheese and taste farmmade organic food. Say hello to the goats, horses, pigs, ducks and cats. Wednesdays from Noon - 5 p.m. All July to 26 August. Prebooked groups - any day. 

Sale of organic white goat cheese, brown cheese, feta, cream cheese,  goat milk yoghurt. Every day (almost) - call Kathrin +47 91889806

Other activities:
What about pack horse riding as in the old days when horse was used to bring the products home from the mountains? 3 hours mountain tours.

Alpine lunch - with unique farmmade organic food in authentic atmosphere - book in advance.

Join cheesemaker cours at the summerfarm - 1 days practical course making white and brown cheese - combined with Mountain tracking tours - book in advance.

Booking: Kathrin +47 91889806 or mail kathrin.h.aslaksby@gmail.com
Follow us on facebook : Norrestogo skigard

Getting there by car: Olestølen is lokated only 15 min from Beitostølen. From Beitostolen drive about 4 km south towards Fagernes, turn left into Olevegen and follow the toll road for 8 km to the very end by Olevatn.

Tour suggestions
1) Nice cycling distance from Beitostølen to Olevatn about 12 km
2) Lovely hiking from Olestølen and to the mountain Svoloberget with a fantastic panoramic views to Vinstervatn, Jotunheimen and Langsua national parks. Perfect familitour 2-3 hours.
3) Olevatn has wonderful sandy beaches with great paddle opportunities.
4) Nice mountain hike towards Øysterli and south to Javnin.


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