Hiking 0.3 - 0.5 h 0.4 km

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The top rises like a heap up from the terrain with hamlets along the brim. Great view towards more hamlets. Easy peak to climb and a short distance up on trail from the south.

A path continues from here towards Djupdalen and Synet.

By car you can continue on through the hamlets Brattåsen, Tyrisholt, Langestølen, Gauklie and Furuset and further south towards Tisleidalen.

Getting there:
From Fagernes E16 west to Ulnes where you turn to Vaset. Drive on the toll road from Brennabu at Vaset towards Gomobu and Valtjednstølen.

Svein Erik Ski
Ina Syversen
Ina Syversen
Svein Erik Ski

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