Andhauet Hiking Trail

Catch an easy view of northern Andøya

Essential info

  • Destination: Vesterålen
  • Season: April-October
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 2.7 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 260 meters
  • Duration: 1-2 hours

About Andhauet

Andhauet, also known as Andhue, is the closest peak to Andenes at the northern tip of Andøya Island. The peak is quick to reach and sits just 288-meters high, but towers above the flat terrain below.

With a clear and easy-going trail, Andhauet is a great hike to stretch your legs and discover views of Andenes, Senja and the vast ocean. If you’re after a longer trek, this trip can easily be extended to a triangular route taking in one or both of the nearby peaks, Røyken and Ramnan.

Getting there

Andhauet trailhead is 5 kilometers from Andenes and just a short detour from Norwegian Scenic Route Andøya.

From Andenes, drive south along Road 82. Drive past the turnoff to Bleik and continue for another 1 kilometer (Andhauet will be to your right).

Look for a dirt road on the right-hand side. Follow this road for 100 meters to the free parking lot.

Trail description

The trail is pleasant and easy, with a gradual ascent. Signs guide the way.

From the parking lot, walk along the road past the boom.

After about 500 meters, join the clear trail leading up the mountainside. There are a number of trails so stick to the right as you hike up to the ridge. 

Follow the trail roughly along the ridge in the direction of Andenes. You will come to the sign marking the “peak” but continue on for the true peak and the best views.

Extended route
For an extended hike, trek back along the ridge and instead of heading down the hill to the dirt road, continue straight. Follow the clear trail to the west and up to the summit of Røyken at 468 meters high. It’s about 2 kilometers from Andhauet to Røyken.

From Røyken you hike back to the dirt road or continue another couple of kilometers to Ramnan in the south, where the Andøya Observatory is located. Ramnan has lovely views of Bleik.

From Ramnan, simply follow the dirt road 2 kilometers back to the parking lot or join one of the clear trails along the mountainside.


Bring water as there aren’t any water sources on the trail.


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