Øigardseter to Putten Seter Skiing

Ski from cabin to cabin in while taking in the rewarding views of Rondane

  • Photo: Yngve Ask / Scanout.com

  • Photo: Yngve Ask / Scanout.com

Essential info

About Øigardseter to Putten Seter

Historic Øigardseter with its protected houses and mountain pastures is the starting point of this family-friendly skiing that takes you along the ski trail to Putten Seter. In course of its 6 kilometers, the trail takes you through terrain with astonishing views of the mountains of Jotunheimen and Dovre. 

You enter grounds that have inspired numerous Norwegian painters, writers, and composers with its beautiful and imposing nature. It used to be dominated by mountain farms, but since the end of the 19th-century tourism has come to be one of the defining characters of the area.

Getting there

While driving along the main road E6 in the Gudbrandsdalen valley look for the sign to Høvringen about a 15-minute drive north of Otta. From the main road, there is a 6 km drive up to a fork in the road just before you reach Høvringen. Bear left at this junction and after 1 km you reach Øigardseter Mountain Lodge where you can park your car.

Public Transport
Get to Otta by taking the train from Oslo or Trondheim. From Otta there is a local bus going up to Høvringen. The bus stops at Øigardseter Mountain Lodge.

Trail description

Starting out from the cabin Øigardseter, you follow the signs to Putten Seter. Start by skiing through the Høvringen area and navigate to the skiing trails which follows the road to Putten Seter. The trail offers easy skiing with no hard ascends or descends all the way to your destination. 


  • Three hundred meters from Putten Seter there is a chapel called Rossbukapell, which you can visit. Four times a year - at New Year’s, Easter, Saint Olav’s Day and in the autumn - they host religious services at the chapel. 

Where to stay

Spend the night at Øigardseter Fjellstue before heading out on your hike the next day. Putten Seter also offers accommodation, if you do not wish to return to Øigardseter on the same day or if you wish to continue your trip from Putten Seter further into the mountain.

If you wish to go on a longer skiing trip, you can continue from Putten Seter to Smuksjøseter and from Smuksjøseter come back to Øigardseter. The three cabins offer a booking package called "Explore Rondane" ("Rondaneturen") which includes accommodation for three nights, three-course dinners, breakfast and packed lunch, a thermos of hot beverage, a map and luggage transportation. Contact the cabins directly for prices and more information.


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