Hiking 2 - 3 h 6.5 km

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Follow road E16 to Aurdal and exit towards Danebu (automatic toll road, NOK 20 in 2016).
After about 100m past Danebu, you will see a parking area on the left side of the road.

Follow the trail upwards to Fræningen (picnic and swimming area) and continue along the left side of the water to the top of Fjellenden. On your way down, you can take the trail past Fjelltjernet, continue southeast to Storstølknatten (1124 m.s.l.) and back to Danebu. This route can be completed in both directions.

Morten Helgesen
Morten Helgesen
Morten Helgesen

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2 - 2.5 h

14 km

Danebu tidligløype

15.8 km


2.5 - 3 h

2.9 km

På kongeveg gjennom Aurdalsbyen

2.7 km