Måtinden Hiking Trail

Stroll to the top of Andøya’s most popular peak

Essential info

  • Destination: Vesterålen
  • Season: April-September
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 7.2 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 420 meters
  • Duration: 3-4 hours

About Måtinden

Considered by many “the must-see view” on Andøya, the hike to Måtinden surely is a rewarding one. The plateau at the top reveals a view of the island’s western coastline towards Bleik and Stave. Explore the many viewpoints and admire Høyvika beach and the rocky peninsula that extends from the peak.

The hike is not demanding and is suitable for a family outing. In the beginning, the trail travels through a marshy area and then through rocky terrain. Wear waterproof and sturdy footwear. Sometimes the summit can be covered in fog, so check the weather forecast first.

Måtinden can be hiked out-and-back from the roadside trailhead, out-and-back from Bleik, or one-way from the roadside and finishing in Bleik.

The gentle terrain means it’s a nice spot to camp under the midnight sun.

Getting there

The trailhead is located along Road 976, part of Norwegian Scenic Route Andøya

Look for the small parking lot along the road between Stave and Bleik, about five kilometers south of Bleik. Parking is free and there is room for up to 10 cars. Signs mark the trailhead.

Trail description

The trail is well-marked and easy going.

Follow the trail through a marsh until it forks. Stay to the left and use the peak in front as a guide. Red circle markings guide the way.

The most challenging section of the trail comes after the marshes. The terrain is rocky and a little uncomfortable as it ascends.

Continue up to the base of Nonstinden, where the trail briefly flattens out before ascending again. Along the way there are views towards Bleik on the right-hand side. As you reach a large plateau Måtinden will be ahead of you.

Hike across the plateau towards the ridge above Otervikvatnet Lake. Bleiksøya, the rocky island in the distance, is a nesting place for puffins. From here, just the final ascent to Måtinden remains.

Hike up along the ridge to the summit to the west, roughly 100 meters in elevation.

Return along the same route, or follow the trail left after Otervikvatnet Lake and head down towards Bleik (see the alternate route).

Alternate route
There is a longer trail to Måtinden from Bleik village.

From Solsvatnet Lake, at the western end of Bleikmorenen Nature Reserve, take the path to Gongaraksla and continue south of Stiheia and Laupen peaks. The trail becomes quite steep when passing by Laupen on the way up to the Nonstind ridge. Follow the ridge, with Otervikvatnet Lake to your right. After passing the lake, turn right at the fork and follow the ridge up to Måtinden.


Bring warm clothes and rain gear. It can be cold and windy even in the summer.

Where to stay

Camp by the summit.


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