Fønhusstien Hiking

  • På vei oppover langs Hølera mot Kverviljuvet. Her med tilbakeblikk ned mot Begna og Begnadalen.

    Photo: Julia Helgesen

  • Fra Hølera mot Fønhus

    Photo: Kjell Arne Berntsen


Ved Kverviljuvet (Hølerajuvet) der Hølera har skåret seg dypt ned i et gjel.

    Photo: Morten Helgesen

  • På vei oppover langs en flomstor Høleraelv mot Kverviljuvet.

    Photo: Julia Helgesen

  • På vei oppover mot Kverviljuvet langs Hølera. Her med en flomstor Hølera i forgrunnen og Begnadalen i bakgrunnen.

    Photo: Morten Helgesen

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: April–November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 2.7 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 60 meters
  • Duration: 1–1.5 hours

About Fønhusstien

Directions From Bagn, drive South on the E16 for approx. 10 km. Turn right towards Sæterbygda and drive another 300 m. Park by the Hølera School / community center at the designated parking area. Description Follow the same road back by foot. After 100 m there is an information board to the right. Walk for another 150 m along the road towards the E16 and turn left by a gravel road. Follow the signs onto a tractor road until it meets the gravel road again. Continue to the left on this road until you arrive to an open area (Fossen) where there’s a small cabin. Keep following the road to the right and then through a sharp left curve. When you return to the river, look for the blue markings to the left, and follow the path along the river and across a stream. By Svaet, there is a nice area for swimming. Keep following the same path to the viewpoint, overlooking the gorge. Before the viewpoint, a marked but very steep trail leads down to a cave in the river, Trollstugu, which the local author Mikjel Fønhus wrote about in his novel “Skriket fra Kverviljuvet” (translates to “The cry from the Kvervil Gorge”). At low water level late in the season you may be able to wade into the cave. But the walk along Fønhusstein is also very rewarding in late spring/early summer, when the river goes high during the snow melting and thunders down towards the valley Begnadalen. Return on the same route back to the car.


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