Suletinden Skiing

  • Photo: Thor Østbye

Essential Info

  • Destination Vang
  • Season January–May
  • Difficulty Demanding
  • Distance 7.9 kilometers
  • Elevation 880 meters
  • Duration 4–6 hours

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About Suletinden

Suletind is a characteristic peak that you recognize wherever you are in the mountains. It is well worth a visit. The 1780-meter-high summit offers a breathtaking panorama view across the Filefjell area and the mountains in Jotunheimen.

We choose Gamlestøga as a starting point. The path to Sulebu starts at the bottom of the farms close to the fence. About 1 km before Sulebu at altitude 1380 m above sea level, you take off to the west end of the upper Sulevatnet and go up towards the top of the northeast. Down again to the highest point of Suleskaret and back to Sulebu along the T-marked trail.

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Suletinden Map