Børsetkjerringa Peak Hiking Trail

  • Photo: Samuel Taipale

  • Photo: Samuel Taipale

  • Photo: Samuel Taipale

  • Photo: Samuel Taipale

  • Photo: Samuel Taipale

Essential info

  • Season: June–November
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 3.4 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 800 meters
  • Duration: 2.5–4 hours

About Børsetkjerringa Peak

Børsetkjerringa is a beautiful few hour hike with stunning views of Ålvundeid, other peaks in the area such as Flånebba and also a nice view towards the famous Norwegian valley Innerdalen. The route is marked all the way up and the start of the journey is easier path, where it transforms to little steeper part on the top.


By Samuel Taipale

World traveler and adventure photographer at @eljackson on Instagram

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