Litlefjellet Hiking Trail

Don’t miss this quick hike with knockout views

Essential info

  • Destination: Romsdalen
  • Season: April-October
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 1.3 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 140 meters
  • Duration: 1-2 hours

About Litlefjellet

Litlefjellet is a short, easy hike and one of the most accessible natural viewpoints in the area. It is an excellent vantage point from which to admire Trollveggen (the Troll Wall). With a sheer one kilometer precipice and its collection of jagged peaks, the wall is one of the most famous sights in Norway.

Reaching 780 metres above sea level, Litlefjellet (Little Mountain) sits directly across the valley from the wall. Litlefjellet also gets you up close to Romsdalshornet, a distinctive peak popular with mountain climbers.

Getting there

The trailhead is located in the Vengedalen Valley, a 20 minute drive from Åndalsnes.

From Åndalsnes, drive towards Isfjorden and then follow the signs to Liabygda, and eventually to Venjedalen. There is an automatic toll which is payable by card only. Drive almost all the way to the end of the road, where there is clear signage and parking for Litlefjellet.

The Litlefjellet trail starts just up the road from the trailhead for the famous Romsdalseggen Ridge.

Trail description

From the road, follow the signs up towards the ridge above. A brief 20-30 minute hike along a well-worn, rocky and dirt trail involves some minor scrambling with chains to help you up a couple of short, steep sections.

After reaching the top of Litlefjellet you will find yourself on a ridge between the imposing Romsdalshorn and Blånebba mountains. At your back is Store Venjetinden, a beautiful mountain in its own right with an array of spiked peaks. The ridge offers front-on views of Trollveggen across the valley.

You can explore the ridge, finding different angles from which to admire Romsdalen valley, the colorful Rauma river and its sandy beaches, and down towards Åndalsnes. Some small ponds provide opportunities for interesting photos reflecting the surrounding scenery.

Where to stay

There are several hotels, lodges, and campgrounds in and around Åndalsnes.

  • Hotel Aak is a cozy boutique hotel with wonderful food, located about 5 kilometers from Åndalsnes
  • Hotel Bellevue is the largest hotel in town and has an in-house restaurant
  • Trollveggen Camping has modern cabins and campgrounds, right alongside Trollveggen


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