Atlantic Ocean Road

Viewpoints 24 - 48 h

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The Atlantic Highway is one of the most famous roads in the world that winds gracefully from island to island across seven brides over the Atlantic Ocean on the western part of Norway.

This architectural feat is simply breathtaking. From calm days at sea where the sun is shining, to storm watching as the aggressive ocean waves crash over the highway, the Atlantic Ocean Road is something to experience.

Pack a lunch and picnic along the way, take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean or bring your fishing gear.

The total route goes from Kårvåg to Bud and is 36 km in length total. The road is connected to Molde and Kristiansund, two of Norway’s most characteristic cities by the sea.

If you go by bike, it’s easy to take a ferry back to your starting point at Kristiansund or Molde.

Samuel Taipale
Samuel Taipale
Samuel Taipale

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