Lake Isteren and beyond Paddling

Final day of paddling

Essential info

  • Season: June-August

About Lake Isteren and beyond

This guide provides suggestions on how to leave Lake Isteren, after a few days of paddling.

Getting there

This adventure assumes you are already exploring Lake Isteren

Trail description

There are a few options for finishing your canoeing adventure on Lake Isteren. You can add on Lake Sølensjøen, if you would like a longer trip.

From Tømmervika you can return to Femund Canoe Camp the same way you came. There is also a possibility of getting picked up by Femund Canoe Camp from the northwest side of the lake near the Sømåaelva River. Alternatively, get picked up from Femund Canoe Camp at Tømmervika. 


The lake water is clean enough to drink but, use your own discretion. 

Where to stay

Pitch a tent. In Norway, you can camp nearly everywhere, read more about the Right to Roam law. 

If this is the final leg of your trip, stay at Femund Canoe Camp. It's a 26 decare wilderness camp that also has cabins. In addition to access to basic amenities such as toilets and showers, in addition to a grill house, wind shelter, picnic tables, a playground, sauna, and field for sports.


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