Øvre Eitretjørn Hiking Trail

  • På tur til Øvre-Eitretjørn

    På tur til Øvre-Eitretjørn Photo: Torleiv Torgersen

Essential info

  • Destination: Ål
  • Season: June–October
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 7 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 150 meters
  • Duration: 2.5–4 hours

About Øvre Eitretjørn

One of the 10 tourfavorites in Ål 2018

High mountain hike along a good path on the left-hand side of the river.

Getting there

How to get there:

Follow Rv 7 about 3 kilometres East from Ål center, exit left towards Bergsjø, and follow Fv 244 about 26 kilometres until you reach Bergsjøstølen.


Park at Bergsjøstølen or the parking just before Bergsjøstølen. Parking fee both places.

Trail description

High mountain hike along a good path on the left-hand side of the river.

This hike is marked by the Norwegian Trekking Association so it is easy to see with it`s red "T`"`s. The terrain is a bit hilly but the path is good.

The closer you get to Eitretjørn the more fabulous Reineskarvet will be.

When you reach the mailbox with the tourbook you can take the same way back or choose one of the roundtrips - se summerbrouchure for Bergsjøområdet.



7 kilometres back and forth. 1095 – 1195 masl.


Detailed map and tour information at www.outtt.com/aal

Or use the tourapp Outtt.


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