Fishing Excursion from Nusfjord Fishing

Join Nusfjord Adventures out at sea for an exciting fishing trip

  • Photo: Jan Egil Jægersborg

  • Photo: Emily Talley

  • Photo: Emily Talley

  • Photo: Nusfjord Adventures


The fishing industry has been the center of the Nusfjord community for many generations. Head out on a genuine fishing excursion with one of Nusfjord Adventures' experienced fishermen for a memory of a lifetime out at sea.

With a multiple-day stay in Nusfjord, you can both relax in the quaint fishing village and enjoy other fun outdoor excursions. Book your stay in the historic Nusfjord Arctic Resort and visit Nusfjord Adventures' Pocket Guide to check out the other great adventures in Nusfjord.

Essential info

  • Destination Lofoten
  • Season January–September
  • Departures Daily at 12:00 and 3:00
  • Duration 3–4 hours
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Audience Suitable for all ages. Under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

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Fishing Excursion with Fish Filleting Course: 900

What You’ll Do

Join one of Nusfjord Adventures' fishermen: Bjørn Ivar, Svein, or Jan Martin, for a genuine fishing excursion and incredible tour around the Lofoten coastline. You will be experiencing a true fisherman in his element and he will ask for your help to reel in some of Norway's finest fish. They will gladly show you the ropes and tell you lots of great stories so make sure you listen up don't be afraid to ask for even more details! 

The surrounding ocean off the coast of Nusfjord offers some of the best fishing conditions. At peak season, from winter through late spring, you may be the lucky one reeling in a fish up to 66 pounds/30 kilograms. 

After returning to harbor, you have the additional opportunity to learn how to fillet and dry your fish. This is a traditional activity that dates way back in Nusfjord's history. They will tell you why the fishermen did this and why it was so important to the Nusfjord way of life. So, don't forget to book this extra special Nusfjord experience!

Following your fishing excursion, be sure to warm up with a hot cup of cocoa at Karoline's Restaurant and Cafe in Nusfjord!

What’s Included

  • Experienced boat captain and fishermen
  • A waterproof fishing suit, waterproof boots, rubber fishing gloves. 
  • Fishing gear

What to Bring

  • Warm clothing: wool undergarments, warm gloves, hat. It is also smart to bring a change of clothes for after your fishing excursion. 
  • Bring snacks and/or beverages if you would like something to eat and drink while out at sea. 

Meeting Point

Meet your fisherman at Nusfjord's square, in front of the "landhandleri" (the market) at the time specified at booking. Do not be late, the fish won't wait for you! After meeting your fisherman, he will take you to get outfitted with your waterproof gear and your life vest before you all will jump on board the boat.

Fishing Excursion with Fish Filleting Course:  900

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Nusfjord Arctic Resort

The adventure company based in Nusfjord, one of Norway's best-preserved fishing villages. 

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