Kayak courses at Hvaler Paddling

Learn valuable kayaking techniques to explore Hvaler's coastline and islets with ease

  • Kayak course at Storesand

    Photo: Gry Gerhardt


Kayaking is an excellent mode of transportation throughout Hvaler's islands. On the water, you get a different perspective of the beautiful coastline and charming islets and explore wherever you would like.

With the kayaking course provided by Gry Gernhardt, you will learn paddling techniques and the necessary safety precautions to explore the beautiful archipelago in the Ytre Hvaler National Park.

Essential info

  • Destination Ytre Hvaler
  • Season May–September
  • Departures Agreed upon registration
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Audience Children with/without parents 8/12 years. Family courses - all ages

Book with Kajakk og Padling Gry Gerhardt

Intoduction course - 3 hours: NOK 900
Basic courses - 16 hours: NOK 2300
Paddling technic courses - 16 hours: NOK 2300

What You’ll Do

Kayak courses

A variety of courses are available:

  • Introductory Course (Introkurs hav) - 3 hours
  • Basic Course (Grunnkurs Våttkort) 16 hours
  • Paddling Technical Course - 16 hours

Kayak Rentals

If you already have a kayaking license (våttkort) and would like to rent a kayak without taking a course, this can be arranged. The kayaks can be picked up in Sarpsborg or at a meeting point at Hvaler. A two-day kayak rental costs 700 NOK. Contact Kajakk og padling Gry Gernardt for an agreement.


  • Introductory courses, where you acquire your kayaking license (våttkort) take place when the water temperature rises above 12 degrees C. This is normally between mid-May and October.
  • Advanced courses for people who own a drysuit (tørrdrakt) can be arranged year-round.

What’s Included

  • Fully equipped kayak and life jacket
  • Experienced kayaking instructor 

What to Bring

  • For the introductory courses, you need to bring warm clothing dependent, a packed lunch, and a wetsuit, våtdrakt. If you do not own a wetsuit, you can purchase one at the nearby Europris for 400 NOK.

Meeting Point

The meeting point will be agreed upon during registration. 

Intoduction course - 3 hours: NOK 900
Basic courses - 16 hours: NOK 2300
Paddling technic courses - 16 hours: NOK 2300

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Provided by

Kajakk og Padling Gry Gerhardt

Vi leier ut kajakk og holder kurs. Vi har Fredrikstad som base for vår virksomhet.

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