Reinsslakting ved Seksin Cultural Heritage

  • Photo: Katharina Sparstad

  • Photo: Katharina Sparstad

Essential info

  • Destination: Valdres
  • Season: September-November

About Reinsslakting ved Seksin

Almost at the end of Olefjorden, at the stiff hamlet Seksin, something spectacular takes place every first weekend of September. For many days reindeer herders have gathered the flock in Fram tamreinlag, and driven them here to take animals out for slaughter. Ever since 1925, Fram ""tamreinlag"" - association for tame reindeer has been herding reindeer in Valdres. The animals of Fram tamreinlag move around in Østfjell in Valdres (true north) in Tyin - Steinbusjøen - Slettefjell in the summer, and during winter at Skaget (Øystre Slidre) - Spåtind, Nord-Torpa. Just like sheep and other grazing animals, every fall a certain number of calves, cows and bulls are picked out for slaughter. Fram tamreinlag has approximately 5,000 reindeer in the Valdres Mountains, and 1200 animals, or approximately 50 tons of meat are slaughtered at the slauthering place by Seksin each fall. Instead of driving animals to the slaughterhouse, the slaughter cars from Røros slaughterhouse go where the animals are. In 2014 GILDE got the specialty brand ""unique taste"" for mountain reindeer from Jotunheimen and Valdres! In Oppland there is a total of four tame reindeer plants which are all situated around Jotunheimen. In addition to Fram, there are Vågå, Lom and Filefjell reindeer plants, whereof the last is situated in Valdres west mountain (geographically south) of Filefjell - Hemsedal and down to the water in the winter. Actually Oppland is the second largest county regarding reindeer farming when considering kilograms of meat produced in a year, about 200.000kg. Reindeer farming can be documented in mountain areas of Southern Norway back to the 1700's. Previously in a much larger scope than today, both in regards to number of farms and amount of tame reindeer. An extensive trade and moving of reindeer from the southern Sami reindeer areas existed both in Norway and Sweden. A lot of sami people also moved along, and settled acoording to the reindeer. Getting there Slettefjellvegen (tollroad) from Vang or Beito.


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