Skåletjednrunden Skiing

A cross country loop for the whole family

Essential info

  • Season: December–April
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 10.1 kilometers (loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 160 meters
  • Duration: 1.5–2.5 hours

About Skåletjednrunden

Skåletjednrunden is a great alternative for families with children.

Getting there

Gamlestølen Fjellstue is located in the northwestern part of the municipality Etnedal. Detailed driving directions to Gamlestølen is found in this link to google maps

Trail description

The trail starts at Gamlestølen and goes toward Skåletjernshøgda. This loop can easily be expanded if you find it easy and want a longer trail. 

Where to stay

Gamlestølen has cabins for rental. Send a request to Gamlestølen here.


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