Chinook adventure trail Dog Sledding

  • Photo: Beito Husky Tours

  • Photo: Beito Husky Tours

Essential info

  • January – December
  • Medium
  • 11.1 kilometers
  • 100 meters
  • 3 hours

About Chinook adventure trail

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to steer a pack of huskies through beautiful snow covered wilderness? Would you like to try a new, exciting and different adventure? Are you ready to make new dog friends.

If you wish to use half a day in the snow covered mountain around Beitostølen, with a bunch of happy and hard working huskies in front of your very own sled, the Chinook Adventure Trail is perfect for you.
The tour is suitable for most people. Bring all your friends and family. No previous experience is needed! If you don't want to steer your own team you can choose to join as a passenger sitting comfortably on warm reindeer skins in the sled. In 3 hrs you will get many new experiences as visiting the home of our 40 amazing husky friends and learn how to handle and drive your own team of huskies through the 15 km wilderness trail. Or experience the warmth of the camp fire in our wooden lavvo as stories are told while enjoying coffee/tea and cookies.

A taste of Valdres
Hungry? prolong your husky-camp stay and taste the wonders of the Valdres kitchen. We invite you to eat local food with us. Seated arround the flames in our cozy wooden lavvo, you will be served our local and famous Valdres platter with different types of dryed meat and a smoking hot stew. Served with various breads and accesories. Price 300,-/person.

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