Østmarksetra to Mariholtet Hiking Trail

Enjoy the view of Nøklevann lake

  • Nøklevann from the trail

    Nøklevann from the trail Photo: Lauren Guido

  • The beach at Ulsrudvannet

    The beach at Ulsrudvannet Photo: Lauren Guido

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

  • The remains of Sarabråten

    The remains of Sarabråten Photo: Lauren Guido

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

Essential info

  • Destination: Oslo
  • Season: January-December
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 7.8 kilometers (loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 330 meters
  • Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours

About Østmarksetra to Mariholtet

The hike to Mariholtet Sportsstue takes you through a lush forest and alongside several lakes. These lakes provide many opportunities to swim or to relax on a beach. While on the trail, hike past the remains of Sarabråten, a house built by businessman and philanthropist Thomas Heftye, and demolished in 1922. Some claim the Norwegian Trekking Association was even founded in the area. Either way, it’s an excellent spot to take a break and enjoy the view of Nøklevann Lake or even picnic in the large open area.

Upon reaching Mariholtet, enjoy sandwiches, pastries, and hot/cold beverages. There are toilets, running water, and outlets as well. About 300 meters towards the dam, you’ll find a gapahuk, a man-made structure made of pine branches a rope. It’s a perfect spot for a campfire or to just lounge in the shade. After the day is over where better to enjoy a hearty dinner than at the picturesque Østmarkseteren Restaurant, located at the parking lot. The trail is particularly beautiful in the winter time.

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Getting there

Take the T-bane line 3 to “Ulstrud”, towards Mortensrud. Then walk about a kilometer to Østmark Setra Restaurant, where the trail begins. If traveling via car, park at Østmark Setra Restaurant. Alternatively, take T-bane line 2 to “Ellingsrudåsen”, then walk about 50 minutes to the trailhead. Via car you are able to park at “Ekerud utfartsparkering” and begin the hike there. 

Trail description

The trail is wide and fairly flat, and suitable for most people - including those with strollers or bikes. If you are looking for a longer and more challenging hike, there are many side trails along the way. Some of these are quite steep and slippery, so remember to bring appropriate footwear.

There's a great view of the valley below from Sarabråten. 


  • Toilets (free)
  • Fireplace
  • Cafe 

Where to stay

If you’re visiting Oslo, choose from one of the many hotels or apartments in the city.


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