Hindsæterkampen Snowshoeing

A short marked snowshoe trail in the deep pine-tree forest

  • Deep forest, deep snow

    Deep forest, deep snow Photo: Hindsæter Hotel

  • The start of the track

    The start of the track Photo: Hindsæter Hotel

  • Snowshoe fun in powder snow

    Snowshoe fun in powder snow Photo: Hindsæter Hotel

  • Relaxing at the timber barn after the tour

    Relaxing at the timber barn after the tour Photo: Hindsæter Hotel

Essential info

  • Destination: Jotunheimen National Park
  • Season: January-March
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Distance: 3.5 kilometers (loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 220 meters
  • Duration: 1.5-3 hours

About Hindsæterkampen

This snowshoe trail is a fairly short and easy trail from Hindsæter Hotel. The entire trail is marked so it is easy to follow. The trail takes you through the Veomyrin - Hindsæterkampen Nature Reserve and you get to experience lots of old pine tree forest and viewpoints along the trails.

Starting in the deep forest the trail weaves through pine and birch forest and some rocky parts. Then it climbs up to Hindsæterkampen where you can enjoy nice views over the valley before descending back to Hindsæter.

Getting there

From Oslo, the drive to Hindsetær takes about 4.5 hours. Start by taking road E6 towards Trondheim. Drive all the way up to Sjoa before you head into Heidal on road 257. Take a left at road 51 towards Beitostølen when you reach Randsverk. Drive another 15 kilometers until you reach Hindseter Hotel.

During summer you can also access Hindsetær from Fagernes across Valdresflya. Valdresflya is the stretch between Bygdin and Gjende on road 51, and it is usually closed from December to April. You can see the road status at Vegvesen.no or you can call for road updates (in English): +47 815 48 991.

Public transport
From Oslo, take the NOR-WAY 161 Valdresekspressen route to the stop "Hindseter". Note that this bus route only operates during summer.

Trail description

Head north from the hotel and follow the signs towards the snowshoe trail. The trail is well marked with red ribbons in the trees. On the first section from the hotel there is almost no elevation change, except for a small descent whilst passing a very rocky part (called Fox's rocks) and then a birch forest (called Birch jungle). 

Then you climb upwards, first in a zigzag route through an open pine forest and then following the terrain through both aspen and birch trees. You are now in a very wild part of the forest with a lot of old trees and almost no human impact. All around you, there are really old trees, both living and dead. This is one of the richest parts of the nature reserve "Veomyrin - Hindsæterkampen". A lot of special and red-listed moss and lichen lives on these old and partly dead trees.

You pass the two viewpoints "Rondane View" and "View Home" before you finally find yourself on top of the little hill Hindsæterkampen with a full panorama of the valley.

The descent is in a more direct than the route up. It passes a private timber cabin before you hit the cross-country trail which leads you home.


  • You can rent snowshoes at Hindsæter Hotel

Where to stay

Hindsæter is a historic hotel which was recently renovated and is located conveniently near many of the most popular trails in Jotunheimen National Park. The hotel is open from February to April in the winter season.


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