Hindjuvet Canyon Hiking Trail

Hike along the canyon of river Hinde to the highlands of Hindflya

  • Insights into the canyon in autumn colours

    Insights into the canyon in autumn colours Photo: Hindsæter Hotel

  • Hiking the highlands of Hindflya

    Hiking the highlands of Hindflya Photo: Hindsæter Hotel

  • View back to Sjodalen valley, trail on the picture

    View back to Sjodalen valley, trail on the picture Photo: Hindsæter Hotel

  • The deepest and most narrow part of the canyon

    The deepest and most narrow part of the canyon Photo: Hindsæter Hotel

  • Photo: Hindsæter Hotel

Essential info

About Hindjuvet Canyon

The hike along the small river Hinde leads you up to the highlands Hindflya. The small river made a deep and impressive canyon - there is a new view in the canyon with every heigh meter you climb. At the end of the route you are standing on the highlands and have a full view to the 2000 meter peaks of East Jotunheimen. Easy orientation as the route follows the river.

Getting there

From Oslo, the drive to Hindsetær takes about 4.5 hours. Start by taking road E6 towards Trondheim. Drive all the way up to Sjoa before you head into Heidal on road 257. Take a left at road 51 towards Beitostølen when you reach Randsverk. Drive another 15 kilometers until you reach Hindseter Hotel.

During summer you can also access Hindsetær from Fagernes across Valdresflya. Valdresflya is the stretch between Bygdin and Gjende on road 51, and it is usually closed from December to April. You can see the road status at Vegvesen.no or you can call for road updates (in English): +47 815 48 991.

From Oslo, take the NOR-WAY 161 Valdresekspressen route to the stop "Hindseter" a few hundred meters south of the hotel. Note that this bus route only operates during summer.

Trail description

Head southwest from the hotel following the signs towards Hindjuvet. You have follow the main road 20 meters and then take the gravel road, which leads through the small camp site "Hindvangen". After 200 meters you reach the river Hinde. Do not cross the bridge, but follow the signs on the north side of the canyon. The trail is easy to find as it is parallel to the canyon. Enjoy the views down to the canyon while slowly gaining height. After 500 meters you already pass the tree line, and have nice view over the Sjodalen Valley in addition to the canyon.

When you reach 1.140 meters above sea level, you pass a small wooden bridge - this one was actually built for sheep, so they could pass the canyon in early spring time, when the snow still covered the natural bridge, just 5 meters below the wooden bridge. The brigde looks small, but is safe. If you do not trust it - try the natural bridge below! Here you are standing in the middle of a very deep and narrow part of the Hinde canyon.

Continue the marked trail on the north side - at 1.300 meters above sea level the canyon suddenly opens up and becomes a wide river valley. The trail continues to a point when you reach the top of the higlands Hindflya at 1.450 meter above sea level. Enjoy the wonderful view to the majestic peaks of Russli Rundhøe, Nautgårdstind, Stornubben, Austnubben and Hindnubben (all above 2000 meters above sea level).  

Turn around and return the same way. Enjoy the view over the valley on your way back, and a lot of different views into the canyon from above.

It is possible to extend this trail both for a longer hike on the Highlands, or to climb one of the higher peaks, ask in the reception of the hotel for information.

Where to stay

Hindsæter is a historic hotel which was recently renovated and is located near many trails. Make sure to try the local reindeer dish served at dinner and enjoy some time in the sauna.


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