Peer Gynt Loop Hiking Trail

Hike a piece of Rondane National Park from Smuksjøseter

  • Photo: Mountains of Norway

  • The Peer Gynt cabins

    The Peer Gynt cabins Photo: Mountains of Norway

  • Photo: Scanout

  • Photo: Mountains of Norway

  • Photo: Scanout

Essential info

  • Destination: Rondane National Park
  • Season: June-October
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 8.4 kilometers (loop)
  • Elevation Gain: 150 meters
  • Duration: 3.5-4.5 hours

About Peer Gynt Loop

This loop taking you from Smuksjøseter by Høvringen to the Peer Gynt cabin in Rondane National Park is a perfect starter for hikes around Høvringen. The trail is easy to hike and highlights why so many people enjoy hiking in Rondane. 

The trail is clear and has no steep sections or other difficulty areas. There are great views all around, including a glimpse of the range of peaks hovering 2,000 meters above sea level further inside the national park. 

Getting there

While driving along the main road E6 in the Gudbrandsdalen valley look for the sign to Høvringen about a 15-minute drive north of Otta. From the main road, there is a six kilometer drive up to a fork in the road just before you reach Høvringen. Bear right at this junction and after two kilometers look for a sign to Smuksjøseter on the right side of the road.

Immediately after turning off to the right you get to the toll booth for driving the road to Smuksjøseter. You need to pay 40 NOK by cash here or if you don’t have cash, pay by credit card when you get to Smuksjøseter. Follow this road for five kilometers until you reach Smuksjøseter.

Public Transport
Take the train from Oslo or Trondheim to Otta. From Otta there is a local bus going up to Høvringen and Høvrigen. Note that this bus only operates during summer. It is also possible to ask Smuksjøseter for private transport all the way from Otta. This costs 240 NOK during summer and 320 NOK in the wintertime. 

Trail description

From Smuksjøster follow the trail that ascends behind the Smuksjøseter cabin and goes just north of the hill called Solsidevassberget. The trail continues through the sparse vegetation towards Kjonsdalsbekken creek, that you need to cross. 

Follow the signs towards Peer Gynt and as you get close to the cabin you will cross the river coming down from the mountains. Make sure to stop here and enjoy the river tumbling down through the rocks. 

From the Peer Gynt cabin follow the trail that heads down towards the first of the three Høvringsvatnet lakes, where the third is the lake by Smuksjøseter. This last five kilometers from the Peer Gynt cabin to Smuksjøseter is very flat and the trail is easy to follow.



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