Fuglesteg Hiking Trail

Visit a traditional farmhouse perched above the scenic Fortun Valley

Essential info

  • Destination: Sognefjord
  • Season: July-September
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 6.3 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 600 meters
  • Duration: 5-6 hours

About Fuglesteg

Sitting 630 meters above the green Fortun Valley, Fuglesteg is a wooden and stone farmhouse dating back to the mid-seventeenth century. The farm was abandoned and later destroyed by a fire, but in 2004 it was rebuilt and turned into an unstaffed DNT cabin. With its scenic location, it’s now a popular place to spend the night—within a year after its opening the old farmhouse had more than 2,000 visitors.

With an elevation gain of 600 meters, the final part being particularly steep, the hike to Fuglesteg is demanding. However, there are benches and tables along the way, so you’ll be able to have a rest and soak up the magnificent views. The trail runs through a lush landscape and is excellent for birdwatching.

Although the trail is open all-year-round, it can get icy, and there may be a danger of avalanches during the winter months. 

Getting there


Park your car at the graveled parking lot at the intersection of Road 55 (Norwegian Scenic Route Sognefjellet) and Fv332 in Fortun. It’s the first turn after the Coop grocery store.


In summer, the local route no. 200 (Lom-Sognefjellet-Sogndal) run across the Sognefjellet mountain plateau. Alight from the bus at Fortun kryss. Buy your tickets aboard the bus or via the app Opplandstrafikk Billett.

If you’re coming in the direction of Sogndal, you can also take the local route no. 153 (Sogndal-Gaupne-Fortun). Buy your ticket aboard the bus. Use Entur to plan your trip. 

The parking for Fuglesteg is located up the road, about 100 meters north of the bus stop. 

Trail description

From the parking lot, follow the signs leading you onto a tractor road about 500 meters east and north along Road 55. The tractor road runs to the right of the main road, make sure to close the gate after going through. You’ll find an information board at the start of the tractor road.

The trail running uphill to Fuglesteg is marked and easy to follow. The tractor road eventually turns into a smaller footpath. The trail runs past Vetleåsen where the trail splits in two. Take the trail to the left. The path to the right leads to Furuåsen Farm.

The trail follows the undulating mountainside, so be prepared for some steep slopes and many twists and turns along the way. The final part from Vetleåsen is particularly steep. However, the stunning views of the valley and waterfalls do make the hike worth the effort.

Alternative route

Instead of returning the same route you came, you can hike from Fuglesteg to Berdalen, a summer mountain farm, then further to Turtagrø Hotel. There’s a fork in the trail just before Fuglesteg. The path running to the left (when coming down from Fulgesteg) leads to Berdalen.


  • Stock up on food at the grocery store in Fortun. In the summer season, it’s also possible to buy fresh pastries, coffee at Fuglesteg cabin.

Where to stay

Fuglesteg is an unstaffed DNT cabin with 31 beds, open from May through October. Bring food and a sleeping bag to use the cabin, as well as a DNT key to access it. However, if you’re not a DNT member, but interested in staying at the cabin, contact Stein Bugge Næss (Luster Fjordhytter), tel. +47 57 68 65 00.

Another option is Turtagrø Hotel, which is located alongside Road 55, about 10 kilometers northeast of Fortun. It dates back to the 1880s but was recently renovated. They serve breakfast, lunch, and three-course dinners. Campsite rental is also available, which includes access to showers, toilets, and a common area. The Lodge is open between Easter and mid-September. 


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Reis med Fjellruter

Fjellruter gir deg skyss fram til ditt turmål i Jotunheimen og Rondane.

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