Nusfjord to Nesland Hiking Trail

Hike a coastal trail between two historic fishing villages

Essential info

  • Destination: Lofoten
  • Season: May-October
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 7.9 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 160 meters
  • Duration: 3.5-5.5 hours

About Nusfjord to Nesland

The hike from Nusfjord to Nesland follows a scenic trail along the southeast coast of Flakstadøya, the island in heart of Lofoten. It takes you up, down, and over a variety of terrain on the historical “fiskesti”, fish trail. Nesland and Nusfjord are both historically known fishing villages dating back centuries and this trail between the two villages has been used by fishermen even longer. So enjoy this walk along the coast and imagine what it may have been like to traverse this trail during the winter fishing season back in the 1800’s like these hearty souls did.

Getting there

From Leknes, follow E10 south towards Å for about 22 kilometers. Turn left towards Nusfjord. Follow this road for 6 kilometers until you arrive in the fishing village. There is public parking in the designated parking areas, one located very close to the Nusfjord Arctic Resort reception building.

Trail description

From Nusfjord, follow the road south along the coast until you reach the trailhead: an arrow with “fiskesti” etched on it. This will present itself on the righthand side of the trail, after you pass a few red “rorbuer”, fishing cabins, and direct you into the hills. This is the same trailhead as to Tønsåsheia, the trail to the large peaks towering over Nusfjord. You will follow this trail along for almost one kilometer, up and over a few small hills and through a few areas which are quite wet, before reaching a flowing stream. As you cross the stream it is important to keep to the right and follow the trail that heads up the hill and not head on the trail that heads towards the coast. This trail winds up the hill for a few hundred meters before you see a large ladder attached to rocks. After you reach the top of this ladder, the red T's marking the trial will become more visible and the trail will be much easier to follow to Nesland.

Note: This trail is much better marked for the travelers coming from Nesland to Nusfjord due to the red T’s facing this way.

After the ladder, follow the soft mountain trail for about one kilometer before reaching a large boulder field. For the next 100 meters, you will need to scramble through the rocks on a path which is well-marked by the red “T”’s leading the way. The surface of these rocks is quite rough so it is easy to get a good grip on them while climbing across the field.

Aside for two small remaining climbs in the last 1.5 kilometer, the soft mountain trail is easy to follow and quite manageable. Take in the views of both the coastline and the mountains above on the rest of the trek into Nesland. When you see a few buildings appear in the distance, you will start to climb down an easy path into the neighborhood. Follow the trail and you will arrive shortly into the eastern part of Nesland.

Enjoy the small coastal neighborhood, soaking in the fresh ocean breeze, and return on the same trail back to Nusfjord. 

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There is a cafe, restaurant, and country store in Nusfjord as well as public restrooms. 

There are no shops or restaurants in the small neighborhood of Nesland so bring food and water from Nusfjord for replenishment during the hike.  

Where to stay

Nusfjord Arctic Resort, the historic fishing cabins, are available to book for the night or for a longer stay.

Camping is available in the foothills around Nusfjord but be aware of the property lines as well as the Right to Roam regulations before you set up camp. 


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