Segla Hiking

Ascend Senja’s sharp peak

Essential info

  • Destination: Senja
  • Season: May–September
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 3.7 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 590 meters
  • Duration: 3–4 hours

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About Segla

Segla is one of Senja's most popular hikes. A view from the towering 639-meter peak will provide a breath-taking view over Mefjorden as well as an adrenaline kick peering over the western cliff.

Segla is part of our guide to Senja’s hiking trails.

Getting there

From Finnsnes it is about an hour drive to the trailhead for Segla. Drive over Gisundbroa to Senja and continue north towards Senjahopen. Follow this road for about 50 kilometers. After passing Mefjordvatnan on your left, take a right turn towards Fjordgård. When you go through the tunnel, stay left. Follow this road for another 4 kilometers and take a left up the hill towards the Fjordgården school when you see a road sign on the left directing you towards Segla. Here you will find the clearly marked area where you can park for free as well as the trailhead to Segla. 

Trail description

The first part of the trip starts up a wide trail from the back of the parking lot. The direction is easy to find, it is also marked with a small road sign. You begin climbing in elevation right away. When you reach crossing trail a few hundred meters up the hill, follow the trail to the right to Segla. Here the path becomes narrower but still very manageable. Already at this point of the hike, the incredible views are presenting themselves. 

When you arrive at a plateau at the base of Segla, stay right and head up to the top. This portion of the hike is relatively steep and can be challenging if you have a fear of heights. It is recommended to follow the best-marked path and be careful not to slip on the relatively loose gravel trail. 

When you have about 50 meters left to the top, stay slightly left. There you will find a few large boulders where you have the opportunity to peer down below as well as see how beautiful and intense this mountain really is. But be careful! 

When you arrive at the top you can sign the "turboka", the tour book, and enjoy the view over Mefjorden and Øyfjorden and all the majestic mountain peaks around. You have a view of Hesten, 556 moh, and Staveltippan in the north. You will see Senjahopa in the west, Store Hesten and Breitinden (Senja's highest mountain) to the south, and to the east, you can see Grytetippen and Keipen. Soak in the sights at the top before taking the same path down the mountain.


The trip to Segla is a popular peak trip with quite a bit of foot traffic. The hike itself is not the biggest attraction, but the view is unbeatable. The trip is very manageable if you like steep heights and reaching peaks but be aware of the weather for high winds can make this trip more daunting. And remember to always use hiking shoes with good grip and support. No water sources are found along the hike so come prepared.


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