Bergsbotn Viewpoints

A viewpoint worth the drive

Essential Info

  • Destination Senja
  • Season January–December

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About Bergsbotn

Bergsbotn is a 44-meter long platform and viewpoint located on the northwestern edge of the Senja island. It is surrounded by the Bergsbotten mountain range, the Bergsfjord, and the surrounding mountains. The panoramic view from Bergsbotn is almost worth the drive to this side of the island.

The platform deviates into the west and east, and has an elevated ramp on the western side, providing an exciting view from varying levels. You will even be able to view the small village of Bergsbotn with a population of about 60 inhabitants. 

Getting There

The viewpoint is located along Road 862 and is easily visible from the road. The parking lot is immediately in front of the viewpoint. 

Trail Description


  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Public parking 

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Bergsbotn Map