Borgund to Seltun Hiking Trail

Hike Vindhellavegen from Borgund to Seltun

  • Vindhellavegen, a real masterpiece.

    Vindhellavegen, a real masterpiece. Photo:

  • Borgund stave church from the 10th century.

    Borgund stave church from the 10th century. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

  • Kongevegen following the river through Galdane

    Kongevegen following the river through Galdane Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

Essential info

About Borgund to Seltun

The trek from Borgund to Seltun begins at the Borgund Stave Church and takes you through the infamous Vindhellavegen. These starting and ending points are the most profound attractions along Konvegevegen. Borgund Stave Church takes you back to 10th century Norway while Vindhellavegen is a masterpiece from the 19th century.

The Day 3 trek, Filefjell, ended in Borlaug and that is where the day 4 adventure begins. Since the hike from Borlaug to Seltun is by far one of the longest, and a majority of the hike follows an asphalt road, it is recommended that you either jump ahead to the trailhead in Borgund or split the adventure into two days.

Getting there

Public transport
There is a lot of bus stops along the hiking route between Vang and Lærdalsøyri. You can plan your travel on


  • Solheim Taxi: +47 415 10 100
  • Lærdal Taxi: +47 57 66 67 00

There are many places with free parking along the route. At Borlaug, Borgund, Sjurhaugfossen og Seltun there is room for some cars.

Trail description

From Borlaug Youth Hostel, walk through the Borlo museum until you reach the Kongevegen trail at the base of the hill just behind the buildings. You are now on the authentic road for a few hundred meters before reaching E16. Follow E16 for about 600 meters until you turn right onto county road 630. This road takes you to Borgund Stave Church.

Borgund Stave Church is the most famous of the Norwegian stave churches and the visitor center serves food and information for everyone that wants a better understanding of the place and the churches. 

Vindhellavegen is a must when at Borgund. This is the most profound attraction along Kongevegen. The road is a real masterpiece in road construction.

Approximately 500 meters further, you turn right onto the authentic road again and after 1 kilometer, you will reach Galdane, another famous section of Kongevegen. The road through Galdane was considered the hardest part to travel over Filefjell. The valley is cramped and the landscape is steep and rocky. In the winter, ice and snow created dangerous situations when it caused rock slides from above. However, in summer it is harmless to walk the trail. Galdane ends at Seltun Gard, the famous salmon fishing farm. If available, this is a great place to stay the night but nevertheless, it is a wonderful place to explore for the day.


  • Free parking is available in Borlaug, Borgund, Sjurhaugfossen and Seltun

Where to stay

When walking Vindhellavegen, Galdane or any of the surrounding trails you can either stay at Seltun Gard or Borgund hyttesenter and camping. Seltun Gard might be fully booked by salmon fishers from mid-July to the end of August. Call 57 66 93 28 to see about availability. 

You could also stay at any of the hotels in Lærdalsøyri.


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