Store Blåmannen Hiking Trail

Hike Kvaløya’s tallest and most demanding peak

  • View from Buren towards Store Blåmannen on the right and Hollendaren on the left.

    View from Buren towards Store Blåmannen on the right and Hollendaren on the left. Photo: Morten Andersen

Essential info

  • Destination: Tromsø
  • Season: May-October
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 6 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 1,040 meters
  • Duration: 4-6 hours

About Store Blåmannen

Store Blåmannen demands your focus and effort the entire trek, but at the top, there will never be a more exquisite experience. Not only will you have worked hard (therefore clearly earning that "kanelbolle" you were eyeing at the cafe this morning) but you will be overlooking some of the most magnificent scenery you can imagine.

Store Blåmannen is the highest peak on the island of Kvaløya, reaching 1044 moh and located in the middle of the island overlooking Kaldfjorden. This is one of the better-known hikes on Kvaløya and therefore well-marked and well-maintained. Keep in mind this is a more physically demanding hike but well worth the accomplishment at the top.

Kvaløya, “whale island”, just minutes from Tromsø, is located within the arctic circle and is the 5th largest island off of Norway’s mainland. This island boasts several fjords and 10 peaks higher than 700 moh, three of which are over 1,000 moh. The west coast of Kvaløya, Sommerøya, faces the open ocean and is the warmest area of the Tromsø municipality. It is hard to choose what stands out more on Kvaløya: the magnificent mountain peaks or the raw coastal beauty. 

Getting there

Head out of Tromsø on the 862 in the direction of Kvaløya (northwest). After crossing the bridge to Kvaløya, continue following the 862 for another 10.4 km until keeping right towards “Tromvik” and “Ersfjordbotn”. Follow this road for 1.6 km until prompted to take a righthand turn towards “Tromvik”. Follow this road for 5.3 km until reaching the trailhead. There is parking located directly across the street from the trailhead or just 650 meters short of the destination. Both parking areas are gravel and located on the right side of the road.

The 425 bus from Tromsø Prostneset, the main bus station, will travel to Tromvik and along the way, it is possible to jump off between Susannajorda and Grøtfjord near the trailhead. So, mention to the bus driver that you would like to stop at “Blåmannsvik” (pronounced: Blow-mans-veek). You can view the updated bus times to Blåmannsvik on Tromsø's transportation website. This bus route, which takes 50 minutes, only runs once a day and there will not be a returning bus until the following morning.

You are able to purchase tickets, which is about 50 NOK, on the bus but only cash payments are accepted. 

Tromsø’s free transportation app, “Troms Mobillett”, is also available for download which will help plan departure times as well as pay bus fares. 

Trail description

The trailhead is located across the street from the smaller parking area and puts you right to work. The hike is short in distance but presents a great deal of elevation gain throughout the 3km hike to the top. This is the highest peak on Kvaløya and is relatively well known and well maintained but still rough landscape.

The first km of the hike will be a steady climb along a rocky trail and will increase in difficulty as you scale the mountain. You will be making a few “s” turns up the east side of the mountain and will stay on the eastern face throughout the entire hike so make sure you do not go off course and find yourself on the northern or southern sides.

Keep in mind that this hike may be wet from melting snow, rain, and moss, therefore it can be slippery, so make sure to wear the appropriate shoes for your safety. 


No public restrooms and no stores or cafes in close proximity to the trailhead. We recommend you purchase necessities before leaving Tromsø or immediately when you cross the bridge over to Kvaløya. 

Where to stay

Tromsø and Kvaløya both provide a variety of available hotels and airbnb’s. If you are looking for a special norwegian summer accommodation we recommend checking out Sommerøy Arctic Hotel, located on the western coast of Kvaløya. 


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