Nordstrand bad Swimming Spot

Dive and fish in Nordstrand

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

Essential info

  • Destination: Oslo
  • Season: June–August

About Nordstrand bad

Nordstrand bad is only 200 meters south of the island, Ulvøya, on the eastern side of the fjord. It was a well-known establishment since its opening in 1890, consisting of a restaurant, bowling alley, concert hall, and even a rollercoaster. Gender bathing areas were kept strictly separate until 1929. 

Today only the pier and narrow beach exist. There’s a diving platform that’s 1.3 meters high and fishing spots on the northern side of the beach.

Getting there


Take bus 81A, 81B, 81X, 83, or 87 to the 'Norstrand bad' bus stop, walk north until you reach the first path on your left. The path to the beach is paved and is about 200 meters from the road. 


If traveling via car, you will find a small public parking on the northern side of the intersection of Mosseveien and Furubråtveien. Walk across the road via the bridge and follow the same directions as from the bus stop.


  • Benches
  • Toilets (free)
  • Diving platform 


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