Röjdåfors kvarn Cultural Heritage

  • Röjdåfors kvarn med møllerboligen til høyre.

    Photo: Asbjørn Langmyr

  • Kvernhuset som står der i dag, ble bygget i 1859. Men helt siden 1697 har det vært virksomhet her.

    Photo: Asbjørn Langmyr

  • I kvernhuset finnes to par stein som drives av møllehjulet

    Photo: Asbjørn Langmyr

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About Röjdåfors kvarn

In the old days there were a number of local mills driven by hydropower. Most of them has disappeared, but Röjdåfors kvarn (mill) just east of the expiry of Røgden, north of Östmark, is very well preserved. The mill was established in 1697 and closed in 1960. The existing building is from 1859. Inside there are two millstones driven by hydropower. Here was also accommodation space for farmers, who sometimes had to wait several days. Röjdåfors kvarn is open during the summer, and every Saturday in week 28 the mill is in operation. Then you can taste bread just like the finns ate. The flour from the mill is also the same as the finns used in their traditional course; motti, or nävgröt.


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Cultural Heritage

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