Frognerseteren to Ullevålseter and Sognsvann Hiking Trail

Hike through Nordmarka from Frognerseteren to Sognsvann

  • View from Frognerseteren metro stop

    View from Frognerseteren metro stop Photo: Lauren Guido

  • Photo: Kaitlyn Johnke

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

  • Photo: Lauren Guido

Essential info

  • Destination: Oslo
  • Season: April-November
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 10.4 kilometers (point‑to‑point)
  • Elevation Gain: 140 meters
  • Duration: 2.5-3.5 hours

About Frognerseteren to Ullevålseter and Sognsvann

This hike can work in either direction, but it’s best to start with a hearty lunch at Frognerseteren Cafe. There you can enjoy a spectacular view of Oslo and then begin your hike into the lush forest in the southern part of Nordmarka. You will pass Lorttjern Lake and see glimpses of Sognsvann, take short deviations to see 3 other lakes. Throughout the summer there are numerous large raspberry and blueberries bushes, so make sure to bring a container to collect the berries. Take a break at Ullevålseter Sportsstue, the halfway point, for a drink and sandwich.

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Getting there

Take metro line 1 “Frognerseteren”, to the last stop. Then walk about 5 minutes down the path to Frognerseteren. The trails are very well marked. If traveling via car, you will find two medium parking lots in front of Frognerseteren. Alternatively, take metro line 5 “Sognsvann”, to the last stop, then walk north until you get to the path. Choose the path that’s furthest east and closest to the parking lot. If traveling via car to Sognsvann, there is a large parking lot.

Trail description

The trail is a combination of wide fine gravel paths as well as paths with lots of rocks and roots. The trail begins with fine gravel paths no matter which direction you start in. Be especially careful during or after a rainstorm, as many of the rocks can be quite slippery. You’ll pass small meadows and walk on wooden planks while crossing a few marshy and muddy areas. Towards the direction of Sognsvann, there are several nice boulders to take a rest on. Many of the trails are intertwined with each other, so feel free to deviate from the tracked adventure, but make sure to follow the blue signs.


  • Toilets (Frognerseteren, Ullevålseter and Sognsvann)
  • Kiosk (Sognsvann)
  • Parking (Frognerseteren and Sognsvann)

Where to stay

If you’re visiting Oslo, choose from one of the many hotels or apartments in the city.


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