Rotnes to Mellomkollen Hiking

  • Photo: James O'Donnell

  • Photo: James O'Donnell

  • Photo: James O'Donnell

Essential info

  • Oslo
  • January – December
  • Medium
  • 29.2 kilometers
  • 1,080 meters
  • 9 – 11 hours

About Rotnes to Mellomkollen

The perfect camping and hiking combination close to Oslo and easy to do in 1.5 days.

Most of the trails are popular routes with plenty of picturesque hideaways. You can choose where you camp along the route as there are many beautiful places to pitch a tent. We recommend finding a nice lake to spend the night.

Getting there:
If you are able to drive then there is parking right at the beginning of the route - Drive to 70 Tumyrveien, Nittedal and there is a dirt parking lot (free of charge).

A train to Nittedal Station (R30 or L3 from Oslo S) will leave you 1.1km's from the starting point but is an easy walk and a good warm up.

Food & Water Tips:
Bring some cash or card as on the final day there is a beautiful halfway point (Sinober Sportstue- also in Outtt) that offers Norwegian baked goods, sandwiches, fresh coffee and other delicious refreshments. If you are worried about running out of water – on the second day around the ¾ mark there is the Tømte hytte and gård (cabins & farm), equipped with an old fashioned pump that delivers fresh and cool ground water.