Godøyfjellet Hiking Trail

One of the most popular hikes close to Ålesund

  • View from Storhornet. Ålesund straight ahead.

    View from Storhornet. Ålesund straight ahead. Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • The rock "Johan Skytt" and Alnes

    The rock "Johan Skytt" and Alnes Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • Alnesvatnet lake to the left. Alnes to the right.

    Alnesvatnet lake to the left. Alnes to the right. Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • The trailhead

    The trailhead Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • Alnes

    Alnes Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

Essential info

  • Destination: Sunnmøre
  • Season: January–December
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 6.7 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 540 meters
  • Duration: 2–3 hours

About Godøyfjellet

Godøya is an island located just outside Ålesund, and is a popular place to go hiking. Godøyfjellet is the name often used to describe the mountain area on the island, but the highest peak is named Storhornet. 

This hike starts at Alnes, which is known for its lighthouse and nature. During the hike, you will also pass a rock cliff called "Johan Skytt" which is a very popular place for taking photos. 

Getting there

From Ålesund drive towards Ålesund Airport Vigra on road 658. After two subsea tunnels, turn left and follow the signs to Godøya.

When you exit the third subsea tunnel, follow the signs to Alnes. Immediately after driving through the Alnes tunnel, you will have a large parking lot to your right where you can park your car. 

The Godøy tunnel is undergoing rehabilitation until April 2019. Cars can only pass at certain times, and public transportation is also affected. Closed at night. Please check updated information at Statens Vegvesen.

Trail description

From the parking, cross the road and go in the direction of Alnes. Look out for a sign to Alnesvatnet to your left. That is the trailhead. As you hike along the first part of the trail you will have a nice view of the small town Alnes. 

Keep left when the terrain starts to flatten out. You can choose the first trail close to the edge or the trail closer to the Alnesvatnet lake. Both of them will connect before you reach Storhornet. 

The GPS route in this hike is the trail closest to the edge, where the rock "Johan Skytt" is located. 

After you pass the lake or the rock "Johan Skytt", you will start to go up again for the last part of the hike.  


  • You can fill up your bottle with drinking water from the lake. 


  • Free parking


By Krister Bjerke Haddal

Krister loves to hike and experience the wonder of nature, in Norway and other countries. 

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