Kolsåstoppen Hiking

Get epic views of Oslo, Bærum, and the Oslo Fjord

  • Photo: Lasse Røed

  • Photo: Georgi Carstens

  • Photo: Georgi Carstens

  • Photo: Lasse Røed

  • Photo: Georgi Carstens

Essential Info

  • Destination Oslo
  • Season January–December
  • Difficulty Medium
  • Distance 8.1 kilometers
  • Elevation 0 meters
  • Duration 2–2.5 hours

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About Kolsåstoppen

Kolsåstoppen is a popular hiking destination well-known for its spectacular panoramic views of Oslo, Bærum, and the Oslo Fjord. It's close 12km proximity to Oslo's city center makes it an easily accessible hiking route for locals or internationals during the warmer months.

This beautiful hike is suitable for almost all hiking lovers, no matter your skill level - including adults, seniors, and children. The trail consists of a quiet, tall forest, and a small lake on the way to the top. If it’s good weather take a break and swim!

There are many options for hiking to the top of Kolsåstoppen. This particular route is a roundtrip hike of the Søndre side of the mountain, with Stein Gård as the starting and ending point. 

Getting There

Public Transport

Take bus 150, “Gullhaug” to “Stein Gård”, and walk towards the Stein Gård Farm entrance. If not returning to Stein Gård, take T-bane line 3 which starts and ends in “Kolsås”. 


You will find a parking lot on the north side of highway 168 across the entrance from Stein Gård. If you prefer to drive, but don’t have a car use Nabobil, with access to 4500 private owned cars across the country.

Trail Description

The hike begins at the Stein Gård parking lot opposite the Stein Gård Farm entrance, where you will find clearly marked signs, leading you on a straight dirt path parallel to Gamle Ringeriksvei. Shortly after you will find signage directing you to either Søndre (South) Kolsåstoppen or Nødre (North) Kolsåstoppen. You can choose either route; but for more spectacular views of Oslo and the Oslo fjord, follow the Søndre route. The forest varies in thickness, and soon the path becomes flatter with smoother rocks. The view from the topic is epic and a great place to take a break and enjoy the views.

On the return route, the trail starts on your left-hand side if you are looking towards Oslo. The trail can get a little steep at times, but handrails and stairs make it a little easier. You will then reach a sign that directs you back to the Stein Gård parking lot.

Instead of returning to the Stein Gård parking lot there is also a possibility to follow the trail towards the Kolsås, and take the T-bane to Oslo city center. 


  • During the warmer months, there can be lots of mosquitoes. Make sure to pack a good bug repellent!


  • Public parking 
  • Food can be purchased near the Kolsås T-bane stop 

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