Middagshornet Hiking Trail

Views of Molladalen

  • View from Middagshornet in early summer.

    View from Middagshornet in early summer. Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • The small lake. Go left up the grassy hill, and right up the ridge.

    The small lake. Go left up the grassy hill, and right up the ridge. Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • Barstadsætra. The trail up to the right passing the small cabin.

    Barstadsætra. The trail up to the right passing the small cabin. Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • Heading up

    Heading up Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

  • View towards Molladalen along the trail.

    View towards Molladalen along the trail. Photo: Krister Bjerke Haddal

Essential info

  • Destination: Sunnmøre
  • Season: May-October
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 6.8 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 880 meters
  • Duration: 3-5 hours

About Middagshornet

Middagshornet is located in Ørsta, and is a part of the Sunnmøre Alps. This specific route starts from Barstadsætra which is the closest option if you're driving from Ålesund. 

From the peak, you have a view of for instance Jønshornet, Kolåstinden and Molladalen.

Getting there

From Ålesund drive towards Bergen on road E39. Take the ferry from Solavågen to Festøy. After the ferry, stay on road E39 for approximately 3.8 kilometers. When you see the grocery store in Barstadvik, turn left into Barstadvegen. 

Stay on Barstadvegen for 2.2 kilometers, until you see a private toll booth and a gravel road. At this point, Barstadvegen will turn left over a bridge. 

Pay and stay on the gravel road for another 2 kilometers. A large parking spot is located after the hill, on the left side of the road. 

Alternative route
You can also continue on Barstadvegen. This road also has a private toll booth, and you will park across the river from the trailhead to Middagshornet. Just cross the river over a bridge. 

Trail description

Continue along the gravel road till the end, and pass two small wooden bridges. The trail will continue up to the right passing the small cabins. In this part of the hike, you will have a river to your right. Watch out for a trail junction. Choose the trail up and to the left. 

After a short while, you will get to a small lake where you turn left. 

The trail is not so visible when you're going up the grass hill, but you will find it when you reach the ridge going up to the right. Follow the trail all the way to the peak. Easy scrambling the last few meters. 


  • You can fill up your water bottle along the trail from the river running nearby.


  • You need to have 20 NOK in cash to get past the toll booth. 


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By Krister Bjerke Haddal

Krister loves to hike and experience the wonder of nature, in Norway and other countries. 

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