Hamperokken Hiking Trail

An exposed hike to the tallest peak on the Tromsø mainland

  • Hiking the ridge, with a view of Tromsdalstiden in the back.

    Hiking the ridge, with a view of Tromsdalstiden in the back. Photo: Siri Engen

  • The view on the top of Hamperokken.

    The view on the top of Hamperokken. Photo: Siri Engen

  • View from Hamperokken.

    View from Hamperokken. Photo: Miriam Aanensen

  • Descending the peak.

    Descending the peak. Photo: Miriam Aanensen

  • The ridge leading to the peak of Hamperokken.

    The ridge leading to the peak of Hamperokken. Photo: Miriam Aanensen

Essential info

  • Destination: Tromsø
  • Season: May-October
  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 9.7 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 1,320 meters
  • Duration: 5.5-9 hours

About Hamperokken

Hamperokken is the tallest peak on the mainland of Tromsø, at 1404 meters above sea level. A hike to the top of Hamperokken will lead you through some thrilling hiking along the exposed ridge of the mountain, including technical parts and a scramble towards the top. On the top you will get spectacular views over the Lyngen Alps and the mountains of Tromsø.

The hike is demanding, but the view you get on the top, together with the thrilling walk along the ridge, makes it well worth the effort. However, this might not be the hike for you if you are afraid of heights.

The best time of the year to do the hike is when the snow is gone, and preferably in dry weather. This is usually from late May to October, but it depends on the weather conditions. It is also possible to do the hike in the winter, either walking or on skis, but it will then require the use of an ice axe and crampons.

Hamperokken is a part of the Sky Marathon “Tromsø Skyrace”, which starts at Fjellheisen, continuing over Tromsdalstiden, and then up Hamperokken, before heading back over Tromsdalstiden again. A run that covers 57 kilometers, with an elevation of 4800 meters.

Getting there


Head out of Tromsø, towards the mainland, and follow E8 towards Ramfjorden. Follow the road for about 25 kilometers, south out of town, before seeing a sign towards Breivikeidet on your left. Turn left onto highway 91. After 4-5 kilometers, at your right, you will see a small parking area, with a sign of fishing regulations, next to a small stream. Keep your eyes open, as the area might not be the easiest to spot at the first sight. If you have trouble finding it, the parking area should be at the coordinates 69.5852, 19.2687. The parking is free, but be aware of limited parking spots.

Public Transport

It is possible to take the bus to the hike, but it is not recommended unless you plan to spend the night there, as there are not many lines passing the mountain. Take line 150 from Tromsø city, and get of at the stop called "Storslått". Walk for a couple of minutes to the northeast, in the direction of Breivikeide, until you get to the parking area described above. Download “Troms Mobilett” for tickets to the bus, and download “Troms Reise” to find the schedule for the bus and different line suggestions. 

Trail description

The trail starts next to the parking area, below Vartavarhaugen, and is marked with red marks on the trees. Start by following a tractor trail upwards through a dense spruce tree thicket, leading over a hill. The trail continues through a swamp area, where you cross a bridge over a river.

If you have difficulties finding the trail, keep your eyes on Middagsaksla, which should be the mountain to your left. You have to climb Middagsaksla before continuing on to Hamperokken. 

Up Middagsaksla, there is a steady climb of about 1000 meters on an easy grass and rock slope. At the top you are at about 1075 meters above sea level. This is where the rocky ridge towards the Hamperokken peak starts and where the fun part begins.

At the start the ridge is wide, but it quickly narrows down. The trail goes along the ridge, where you can either choose to follow the ridge as much as possible, or keep to your right for a safer approach.  However, be aware that there are some parts where you should keep left as well. 

The greatest thrill comes from following the ridge all the way through. The ridge consists of exposed edges and scrambling, and there are technical passages that might require the use of your hands (especially when wet). At the end of the hike the ridge widens again, and there is a short scramble to the top. It is a fairly easy scramble, but be careful when wet or snowy.

At the top you can enjoy the spectacular view over the mountains surrounding Tromsø and the Lyngen Alps. 


  • There is a small river at the start of the hike. This is the only place to fill water along the hike. 


  • There are no stores, restroom or cafes close by, so bring or buy what you need before leaving Tromsø.
  • The parking is free, but be aware of few spots.
  • The mobile coverage in the area is unreliable.

Where to stay

There is a variety of hotels and Airbnbs in Tromsø City, as well as campgrounds and cabins. It is also possible to set up camp below Middagsaksla if preferable, but remember to leave no trace.  


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By Miriam Aanensen

Outdoor enthusiast and adventure seeker based in Norway and Canada. Instagram: @miriammalen

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