Cultural Heritage 0.5 h 8.2 km

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The beautiful farm Håberget was built around 1700. The farm is located at the hiking route Finnskogleden, nine kilometers south of Søre Osen. The couple Dag and Gry Hansen lives there with their family. They present a sacral art gallery at the farm. The farm has a small cabin where hikers can stay.

From Håberg you should take a nice 2.5 km long trail to Nygården or Høljebakken, which  also have an open hut for walkers. Nygården is linked to the legend Mattis Håberg, who was famous as the strongest man in Finnskogen.

Asbjørn Langmyr
Asbjørn Langmyr
Priv. Håberget gård
Priv. Håberget gård

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