Hesten Hiking Trail

Famous views of Segla

Essential info

  • Destination: Senja
  • Season: January-December
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Distance: 3.7 kilometers (out‑and‑back)
  • Elevation Gain: 520 meters
  • Duration: 2-3 hours

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About Hesten

Many peaks on Senja are named Hesten and this is the route description to the most known peak, located near Fjordgård and Segla. The top has great views over Inste Kongen, Segla, and Mefjorden and it is also where most popular photos of Segla found on Instagram are taken.

The trip is very popular - one can expect to hike in a queue and meet many people at the top, regardless of the weather. The trail is a bit worn but the view is still incredible.

If one has a fear of heights, hiking to the gap between Hesten and Stavelitippen, which is about 100 meters below Hesten's peak, still provides a great view of Segla and Korkedalen.

Getting there

Coming from the west along road 862, turn left after Medfjordbotn and head towards Fjordgård. After the tunnel, stay left. Follow this road for about 4 kilometers into Fjordgård.

Turn left up the hill behind Segla Grill towards the school. Above the school is a free parking lot and the trailhead.

Trail description

The trip starts at the bottom of the ski slope at Fjordgård, next to a gapahuk. (From the parking lot at the school, walk about 500 meters along the road, then down towards “Segla grill and pub" and follow the road to the ski slope to the left. When the road splits, keep left again.)

The trail is seen clearly during the first section of the trip. It crosses over some small streams in the forest next to the alpine ski hill before it continues into the rocky field towards the gap (about 450 meters above sea level) between the peaks, Hesten and Stavelitippen.

From there, follow the back of the mountain up to the peak. Here, you will have a great view over Mefjorden, Inste Kongen, Korkedalen, and Segla. 

During the winter, you will not be able to see the clear trail as well as in the summer. It is recommended to go to the top of the alpine ski hill and then start hiking towards the gap between Hesten and Stavelitippen where you can see a spectacular view of Segla. It can be very slippery along the hike so it is definitely recommended to hike with crampons (not just hiking boots) and poles.

In the winter, it is recommended to stop at the gap at the base of Hesten and not continuing to the top.

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  • Remember to bring water with you as there are not many opportunities to fill up along the trail.
  • The trail can be very wet so wear waterproof footwear. 
  • It is recommended to wear shoes with good traction in the wintertime.
  • There is often wind at the top of the mountain - Remember to bring the appropriate wind-proof and warm clothing.


  • Free parking
  • Free toilets in the school during summer

Where to stay

Hamn i SenjaSkagi Senja and Mefjord Brygge all offer hotel rooms as well as apartments with self-catering possibilities. Each has a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and a bar.


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By Claire Kvalheim Kieffer

Claire is originally from Oslo, but moved to Senja to experience the wild nature of Northern Norway. Check out Claire's many great photos from Senja and all around Norway.

Hamn i Senja

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