Into the realm of the mountain people


Vaset is an area with a long history of summer mountain pasture. It is in these areas people believed the “haugafolk” (mountain people) exist. And it is in these areas mystic things happened. For centuries these stories are told from one generation to another.

Be our guest on a tour into the realm of the mountain people. We walk along with the mystic forest toward marshland. Be quiet so you do not scare haugafolk living inside the mountain! See, there’s a moose watching us. Have you seen that animal trail? Shh, no one has seen the spirit in the pond for a long while. And we don’t want to wake him up either. But just in case, bring a little stone as a gift to the spirit!

We finish the trip with a walk up a hillside and enjoy the view. And if you’re lucky you can see moose walking toward marshland.

The tour is suitable for all ages. It is a wonderful possibility to relax body and mind and get in touch with your senses.

Meeting place: Sekskanten at Vaset

Season: July and august

Days: tuesdays - early evening



Anja Tschauschner

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