Lesja mountain board Accommodation

Cabin life made easy in magnificient scenery

  • Photo: Lesja fjellstyre

  • Photo: Lesja fjellstyre

  • Photo: Torill Bjerkeset / Lesja fjellstyre

Essential info

  • Destination: Lesja
  • Season: June–November

About Lesja mountain board

Lesja mountain board has 15 cabins for rent, and 2 small cabins that are open. The cabins are a great starting point for fishing, hunting, hiking and skiing. Five of the cabins are located by dirt road and easy accecible with car. To get to the other cabins you have to walk 2-6 hours.

Getting there

You have to book the cabin prior to your stay. The cabins are well equipped, but you need to bring food, personal clothing and gear and a sleeping bag.

There are no indoor water or electricity in the cabins. They've got a wood stove and a gas stove for cooking. You'll find some kitchen supplies, wood, parafin, gas, candles and toilet paper there.

The cabins that are located by lakes has fishing net for use. Non-locals can fish with net in only some lakes. Read the fishing rules. There are life jackets in the cabins that have a boat nearby. 


For more information see www.lesja-fjellstyre.no


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Fishing 5.2 km



Accommodation 10.5 km

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