Aurtande cultural heritage Cultural Heritage

Essential Info

  • Destination Lesja
  • Season April–November
  • Difficulty Easy
  • Distance 2.4 kilometers
  • Elevation 0 meters
  • Duration 0.5–1.5 hours

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About Aurtande cultural heritage

Exciting cultural hike for both kids and adults in Lesja center.

Park at the north side of E 136 in the middle of Lesja center, across the city hall. Walk the railroad underpass and follow signs to Aurtandefeltet. This is a burial ground, with old graves, house foundations and signs of old soil cultivating. Information boards are situated throughout the roundtrip. Findings of swords, knifes, arrows- and arrowheads from the Viking age have been done here. They are likely to be related to the tumulus in the area. At the end of the trail there is a great climbing tree for kids.

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