Adventures in the "Tusse" Forest

Hiking 0.8 km

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"Tusser" are nature creatures from our traditional folk tales and stories. In the oldest stories these creatures lived in harmony with nature, and would, if you were good to them, help you to find your way out of difficulty. As Christianity came to Norway, the stories turned more and more to these creatures being evil and wanting to seize you and keep you in their homes in eternity. In Geilo, we like to think that the Tusser are good creatures that can teach us a lot about nature and how everything in nature depends on each other. 

Take a walk on the narrow paths in the Tusse Forest, and explore all the big and small wonders around you. This is superb for a little adventure for kids.

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Roundtrip: Geilo - Birgithovda

5 - 6.5 h

18.9 km

Geilo - Budalen - Vestreim

2.5 - 3 h

11.8 km

The fox track

0.5 - 1 h

1.9 km