Kjeåsen Mountain Farm Viewpoints

  • Photo: Heidi Kvamsdal

  • Photo: Jannicke Olsen

Essential info

  • Destination Eidfjord
  • Season January–December

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About Kjeåsen Mountain Farm

High above the fjord, 600 metres above sea level lie the two Kjeåsen mountain farms.

The road to the farm starts in Simadal, about 8 km from Eidfjord/Rv7. The road up to the farm is 5 km long and consists of about 2.5 km windy road, the rest through a narrow tunnel. It's not possible to go by foot or bike through the tunnel. Due to narrow road, hourly driving has been introduced. Traffic up to Kjeåsen every full hour, traffic down from Kjeåsen on the half hour. You can also hike the trail up the steep mountain side, starting below the Sima Powerplant, about 1-1,5 hours each way. Great view.

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Kjeåsen Mountain Farm map